Merry Chistmas 

I had our old family films and videos conveted to DVD and have posted them here. There's no sound on the old films, but I'll add a comentary once we've identified all the persons and places in the films.

 The films were taken by Maurice Hayward between 1948 and 1960. I've added text to describe the content of each film. Please e-mail me if you know more about the people or places in the films.

  Thanks    David

If the videos do not play with your video player (for example Windows Media Player) or you hear the audio in David's videos but no video, you need to update the video CODEC. CODEC is software your video player uses to play a video. Different video cameras store the video is slightly different formats (encoding) and the CODEC software enable your video player to display the videos. is a souece of CODEC. When you download it, do not install any of the freebies (for example Tool Bars or search engines).